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AVAILABLE NOW – 11/3/2023

There is nothing artificial about leadership. Leaders worth following must upgrade their relational operating systems. Real influence will come from leaders who build trust with empathy and insight. The future belongs to leaders who develop the highest level of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

Leadercast Super Teams, a half-day event premiering on October 25, 2023, will give leaders concrete principles to develop healthy teams. The half-day time frame makes it easier for entire teams to participate together and features three keynote speakers who will then engage in a team-enhancing panel discussion.

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Leadercast G.H.O.A.T. (Greatest Habits of all Time) features a diverse slate of experts who will remind us what humans have known for millennia–our core habits, individually and collectively, shape how we live, work, and play together. With great intention, we can use our modern technology to reencounter proven, positive, ancient practices and habits that take us to the next level. (Premieres 5/8/2024)

New for 2023

The Leadercast Event Bundle establishes a yearly rhythm and multiplies impact. This membership saves money by bundling  three events for your team (May full-day, October half-day, and January 90-minute).