The 5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Better Team Player

In order to be successful in any field, it’s important to be a team player. Being a good team player means being able to put the needs of the team before your own and working cooperatively with others. Here are five steps to becoming a better team player.

Step One: Be Honest

The first step to being a better team player is to be honest. This means being truthful with yourself and others, admitting when you make a mistake, and taking responsibility for your actions. Being honest allows you to build trust with your teammates and fosters an open environment where everyone can work together effectively.

Step Two: Be Respectful

The second step is to be respectful. This means treating your teammates with kindness and respect, listening to their opinions, and considering their feelings. Respecting your teammates allows you to work together harmoniously and builds strong relationships.

Step Three: Be Flexible

The third step is to be flexible. This means being willing to adapt to the needs of the team and changing your plans when necessary. Being flexible allows you to work effectively with others and makes it easier for everyone to achieve their goals.

Step Four: Be Engaged

The fourth step is to be engaged. This means paying attention, staying focused, and being involved in the team’s activities. Being engaged allows you to contribute to the team and makes it easier for everyone to achieve their goals.

Step Five: Be a Good Teammate

The fifth step is to be a good teammate. This means working cooperatively with others, helping out when needed, and being supportive of your teammates. Being a good teammate allows the team to function as a unit and achieve greater success.

These are five key stages for becoming a better team player. You may use these steps to acquire the abilities necessary for success in any field.

We at Leadercast want to share with you a video from our membership platform Leadercast NOW. This is what one of our speakers Patrick Lencioni says about the ideal team players. We thought you would appreciate it because we know that you are passionate about leadership development just as we are!

Ideal team players exhibit three virtues, humility, hunger, and people smarts, said Patrick Lencioni, best-selling author and founder of  The Table Group.

Humility is the most important of the three, said Patrick. He defined hunger as a desire to go above and beyond, a passion for the job, and a pursuit for excellence. He also used the term “smart” to refer to emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills. 

When hiring, hone in on these attributes and ask candidates questions multiple ways to determine if they are humble, hungry, and smart, advised Patrick.

“Scare people with sincerity,” he said. “Tell them they will love working here if they are humble, hungry, and smart, but if they aren’t, this will be a tough place for them.”

Applying This Framework to Your Team:

  • Since everyone struggles with one or more of these at times, ask your team which of these they struggle with the most.
  • Share your response first.
  • Ask your team to hold you accountable and call you out when you aren’t exhibiting the virtue that’s hardest for you.
  • Tell your team members you will hold them accountable for their violations as well.


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