Leadercast 2020 Ripple Effect

An inclusive leadership event featuring a world-leading speaker cast of women experts on Oct. 15, 2020 at Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, GA.

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You are the change you want to see.

The power of your influence may be unknown to you, but you can hone it and leverage it to impact people beyond your network and your time. At Leadercast Women 2020, a cast of six world-leading women will share the keys to how they created change that rippled out and through to influence others to be authentic, people-focused leaders.

Meet Our Influential Leaders

Take their wisdom and expand your leadership impact in ways you never thought possible.

Abby Wambach

Women’s Soccer Legend, Best-Selling Author and Founder, Wolfpack Endeavor

Abby is a name synonymous with U.S. women’s soccer. She is a Women’s World Cup champion and two-time gold medalist. She’s the author of the bestsellers Forward: A Memoir and WOLFPACK and also has a leadership training program—Wolfpack Endeavor—that is revolutionizing women’s development in the workplace.

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and Former Director of Market Development at Facebook

The creator of Facebook Live, an Emmy-nominated tech media personality, entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author, Randi has leveraged technology to spread influence since the start of her career. She currently leads a production and marketing company that helps aspiring artists create and promote their work and hosts the weekly business ralk radio show Dot Complicated.

Radha Agrawal

Author, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder and CEO of Daybreaker

A community force, Radha’s early-morning dance and wellness movement hosts events in 25 cities and on the campus of more than a dozen colleges around the world, with nearly 500,000 attending. Her book, “Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life,” contains her key methods for community building and the success of Daybreaker events.

Wield your influence for the greater good.

Be a part of something bigger and start your own ripple effect.

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Walk away with renewed purpose and inspired confidence to grow your leadership impact.

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Connect with leaders in your area while learning from our all-women cast of leadership experts.

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Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow.

Leadercast events teach leaders what it truly takes to create change from the inside out in one powerful day.


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Why Leadercast Women?

One day. Six world-leading women. Thousands of leaders collectively cultivating their growth to become better than they were when they walked in.

Be Inspired.

Take the wisdom of six keynotes, then meet these leadership icons as a leader in attendance in Atlanta, GA or attend at a local host site in your community.

Create and Connect.

Venture through interactive experiences and create synergy with fellow leaders to spark moments that will ignite long-lasting shifts in your journey. 

Grow Beyond.

Deepen your newfound knowledge and actively grow the leader within, beyond event day, and into the ripple effect you've always dreamed of becoming.


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Student Admission


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Open seating to sit wherever you and your group would like

Includes attendee swag bag with event-themed note-taking journal

Access to speaker photo opportunities

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Bring Your Whole Team!

Give your team the power for how to truly influence the change they want to see. Make your circle part of the movement to ripple effect positive change beyond this space and time.


Start Your Ripple Effect!

No need to wait for Oct. 15 to start expanding your leadership impact. We have all of the development tools you need to grow the leader within to go beyond what you've done before.

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