Stuff Leaders Know: Dropped Calls

What do you do when your call is dropped?


Tripp and Tyler are the sketch comedy duo most known for their hilarious and viral YouTube videos like "A Conference Call in Real Life" and "Hi-Five Etiquette."

In this video, the two discuss proper etiquette for how to handle a dropped call.

Tyler: Something leaders know is how to properly handle a dropped call.

Tripp: For instance, it's the person who made the original call who calls back once it's dropped. There's no need to simultaneously call each other only resulting in instant voicemail, or waiting 30 seconds thinking the other will be the one to call back and then simultaneously call only resulting in instant voicemail.

Tyler: There's also no need to spend the first two minutes of your resumed conversation debating who's responsible for the dropped call.

Tripp: Sorry about that. I think you lost service.

Tyler: No, I think that was you.

Tripp: No, it wasn't me. I have a great carrier.

Tyler: No, I have four bars right now.

Tripp: No, I've got 13 bars right now.

Tyler: The fact is you're now speaking again, and that's all that matters.

Tripp: If your conversation has already reached the wrap-up stage once the call is dropped . . .

Tyler: All right. Well, I guess we'll see you guys next Saturday. Uh, hello?

Tripp: . . . it's over. No need to call back.

Tyler: And lastly, let's limit the number of reconnecting attempts to three. If we can't make it happen after that many tries, it probably wasn't meant to be.

Tripp: I actually limit it to just two.

Tyler: I actually prefer texting.

Tripp: Hmm.

Tripp and Tyler

Tripp and Tyler are the sketch comedy duo most known for their hilarious and viral YouTube videos like "A Conference Call in Real Life" and "Hi-Five Etiquette".

Since 2006, they have amassed over 30 million YouTube views, and ...

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