Luis Gonzáles on Improving Your Communication Style


What’s your biggest communication weakness as a leader? Not a good listener, collaborator or delegator? All leaders have been guilty of each of these at some point or another. 

In this episode of the Leadercast Podcast, Luis Gonzáles, global business communications consultant at Fierce, shares some tools and attitudes to help you improve your communication skills as a leader.

“If you have a decision to make, and especially if it’s a tough decision, it’s a good idea to seek other perspectives.”

  • Bettering Conversations

Effective conversations start with curiosity. Stop assuming you know what other people want. Instead, start getting curious about their goals and desires. Go into the conversation with the intent to listen and learn more.

  • Seeking Perspectives

Decision making in a silo is a really poor leadership strategy. Get as many different perspectives as you can before you make decisions. You will especially want to hear out the devil’s advocate—the person you don’t want to rope in because you’re afraid of their objections.

  • Delegating Correctly

Bad delegation happens when you tip your to-do list onto someone else. Being a good delegator means thinking about what tasks and training can further someone else’s career. Delegation should be relationship-based. Plan to work closely with team members to improve or expand their roles.

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