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WHAT Is Leadercast Labs?

Leadercast Labs is a daylong educational experience with a curriculum structured around theory, discovery and implementation. Unlike Leadercast Live, which is a one-day event designed to transfer information from stage to seats, Leadercast Labs lets attendees experience and learn by doing amongst a small group of peers. Leadercast Labs students rotate through workshops led by world-renowned leadership “professors” in a unique and unforgettable way.

WHO Should Attend Leadercast Labs?

Leadercast Labs is perfect for those who want to take action when it comes to developing their leadership skills and are open to being challenged on what they’ve seen as the status quo. Attendees are on the lookout for the latest theories, real-world case studies and thought leaders who share their experiences in a forum where you can take the info for a test drive. The hands-on experience is created to maximize the time attendees interact with one another and their professors. Therefore, large groups will be made small to ensure each person has a robust and effective experience.

WHEN Is Leadercast Labs?

We’re taking Leadercast Labs on the road! We will be posting the Leadercast Labs tour schedule soon, and we hope to be in a city near you. If you would like us to consider bringing labs to your area, please let a Leadercast Solutions Guide know.

WHAT Are Others Saying

Dakoro Edwards

"Leadercast Labs changed my life. It pointed me in a new direction and taught me to take charge of my future. The experience brought clarity to my vision and inspired me to open my art gallery.”

—Dakoro Edwards, Artist

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