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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions about Leadercast Now. 

Functionality & Content



What is Leadercast Now?

Leadercast Now is a powerful video library of leadership insights and solutions, offering more than 450 videos and 100+ speakers. Videos include renowned leaders like those you’re seeing here at Leadercast Live, and respected peer leaders – sharing their true stories, challenges and advice. We interview new people for you all year long and add new content each week!  

All of the videos on Leadercast Now are designed for time-starved leaders, giving you daily leadership inspiration in five minutes or less! It’s part of our mission to help you become a Leader Worth Following.

Gold subscribers have unlimited access to all videos --anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The videos are easy to use, organized by the most-searched-for leadership topics, and produced to high-quality standards.

Short intro:

Leadercast Now offers impactful learning 365/24/7, helping people become leaders worth following in five minutes or less a day! Have coffee with Andy Stanley! Get inspired by a leader youll love while youre getting ready in the morning. Listen on your drive to work or carpool. Its like having your own team of advisors, for less than $1 day.

Why did you develop Leadercast Now?

A few years ago, the number-one question that we received from people who attended the Leadercast Live event was: “What now?” Our attendees wanted to know how they could continue to develop their leadership skills – and inspire their team -- after the event.

We know that are a lot of leadership development options out there, and people have a lot to choose from. We also understand that not everyone has the time or budget to attend long-form or off-site leadership training were all busy! 

So we created a digital platform that offer real leaders and peers sharing their true stories, insights and solutions. Amazing, meaningful content like you get at Leadercast Live, PLUS MORE.

Leadercast Now is your 365-day leadership-learning that provides daily leadership inspiration and action, and helps people become Leaders Worth Following, all in five minutes or less a day!

What type of content do you have?

Leadercast Now offers powerful videos, expert e-books, articles, training series, and more. All of our content has been carefully created so we can share insights, tips, challenges, solutions, and experiences from respected leaders across all types of industries, organizations and backgrounds.

We start with short, high-impact videos. Then we reinforce the learning with action items and reflection questions that help you immediately apply the learning to your own world. Gold members can track the number of videos theyve watched and the number of action items theyve completed.

Where does the content come from?
Is the content only from past events?

The content in Leadercast Now includes past events and so much more The video content comes from a variety of sources – including Leadercast Live events stage speakers, backstage interviews, and custom video interviews with amazing leaders and peers, produced by Leadercast.

The videos include related learning, including action items and reflection questions. It is produced by a team of content specialists who have practical experience with leadership learning.

New content is added to Leadercast Now on a regular basis throughout the year.

How is Leadercast Now different than TED talks?
How is this different than YouTube videos?

While there is a similarity between TED talks/YouTube and Leadercast Now in that all of them use video as primary method of communication, that is where the similarity ends.

Leadercast Now is designed from the ground up to help people learn real solutions to leadership challenges on a daily basis; to provide values-based leadership learning; and to help people become Leaders Worth Following.

TED talks and YouTube, on the other hand, cover a wide variety of topics – very few are focused on the top most-searched leadership topics or meant to provide leadership learning and development. You’ll find that  each video on the Leadercast Now platform is designed specifically around leadership learning for the time-starved individual. Short, high-impact videos are coupled with immediate action challenges to help create a bridge between learning and your real leadership challenges!

Much different than the goals of TED talks/YouTube, the goal of Leadercast Now is to ensure that each subscriber is inspired by the leadership learning, can quickly put the insights and actions to use in their own lives, and can begin to think and behave in ways that exemplify Leaders Worth Following.

How is the content organized?

Leadercast Now is guided by and focused on the belief that Leaders Worth Following think and behave differently; they are values-based; human-first; and model behaviors such as ethical leadership; clarity; bravery; simplicity, building teamwork, developing great culture, and more. To help leaders, content segments are organized around 15 key leadership topics and 7 values.  Our goal is to provide videos that offer true takeaways and meaningful actions in less than five minutes.

What devices are supported?
Can I use this on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Leadercast Now is hosted in the Cloud so you can access it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, using Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

What is the difference between ‘mobile web app’ and an app on my phone/tablet? Which one is Leadercast Now?

Leadercast Now is a web application or web app. A web app runs in your browser on your phone, tablet or computer. Because Leadercast Now is a web app, you can simply log in through your web browser!

Can I share access to Leadercast Now or the event talks with my team or show videos in my classrooms as a teaching tool?


Leadercast Now is designed for personal use, and individual subscriptions are not for sharing.  We encourage you to equip your team, classes and/or organization with subscriptions that will allow them to learn & grow on a regular, daily basis. You can post videos on your social media through the buttons under each video, and discuss the videos in the comments section provided throughout Leadercast Now content.

NOTE TO BOOTH TEAM: For people who come to the booth and want to purchase Leadercast Now for their team, please walk them over to Larry or Pat if they need more information.  If they are ready to purchase, Ginger will be processing all Leadercast Now Team purchases on site.

How do I measure progress?

Can I see a history of what I’ve viewed and the ones I like most?


Leadercast Now provides an individual “activity dashboard” in the upper right corner of the video pages, to help subscribers track their progress, the videos they’ve watched, their favorite videos, actions they’ve completed, and more. The activity dashboard is only available to Gold subscribers, and you must be logged in to view it. Subscribers can also see their most recently viewed videos and their history of videos watched.

Can I search for content?

Yes. Leadercast Now features an indexed search to provide fast search results on a variety of search attributes such as behavior, topic, speaker, length, etc.

If I have a question about Leadercast Now, who do I contact?

For any issues with Leadercast now please contact nowhelp@leadercast.com.

How do I see the most recently added videos?



Simply login to Leadercast Now; on the bottom menu, click “Library” or go to: https://www.leadercast.com/category/now/

How do I let my team know what videos I want them to watch?

Leadercast Now makes it easy for Gold subscribers to share videos, using email and social share icons located below each video. You can email a Leadercast video link to other subscribers and they will be able to view it once they login. If it is a free video, everyone can view it; if it is a premium video, only Gold subscribers will be able to view the video and action items. Non-paid members will still be able to read the video summary and transcript.

How does the timeframe on the subscription work? If I purchase in May, does it go to the following May? 


Yes. Leadercast Now annual Gold subscriptions are based on a yearly timeframe. Annual subscriptions are regularly $299.  Special Event Day pricing for annual subscriptions is $199 and can be purchased directly from your phone or here at the Leadercast Now booth! After signing up, you will receive a Welcome Letter and your login details. If you have any questions, please contact nowhelp@leadercast.com

Can I purchase Leadercast Now on a monthly basis?

Yes. A Leadercast Now monthly subscription is $29.97/month. However, the Special Event Day pricing – a discount of 30%! – is not available for monthly subscriptions. If you have any questions, please contact nowhelp@leadercast.com.

How do I update my credit card information?

Please contact nowhelp@leadercast.com for any billing and support questions.


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