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October 2017

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WHAT Is Leadercast Expedition?

Leadercast Expedition is a transformational experience allowing attendees to grow as leaders while visiting a unique world destination. At each Leadercast Expedition, an itinerary incorporates a wide array of thought-provoking challenges to help attendees find their way on their leadership journey. These expeditions allow leaders to step out of their usual day-to-day routines to shift perspectives, gain valuable insights and perhaps look at leadership through a different lens.

Along with the aha moments that come with being in a unique location and immersed in an unfamiliar culture, each expedition incorporates aspects of leadership including leadership theory, problem-solving, conflict resolution, critical thinking, collaboration, cultural mastery, awareness, relationship-building, effective communication, sales and project management, to name a few.

In addition to the core building blocks of our curriculum, Leadercast Expedition can be tailored to the specific needs of each attendee. There are ample moments for personal challenge, social impact, service, adventure and reflection, all of which create life-changing experiences and the perfect opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

HOW Many People Attend?

Each Leadercast Expedition is limited to a small number of participants in order to produce maximum interaction and impact. The Africa Expedition in October 2017, for example, was hosted by Leadercast CEO Duane Cummings, who has led many groups to Eastern Africa. A partial list of activities on this trip included: safaris, school visits with presentations and student interactions, cultural immersion and a social-impact project.

WHAT Are Others Saying?

Leadercast Expedition: Africa - March 2017

"My time in Africa was nothing less than a complete wake-up call. You can’t go and experience something like that and come back the same person… life-changing."

—Alan Schaefer, CEO, Banding People Together on Leadercast Expedition, Africa

For more information about Leadercast Expedition, please speak to a Leadercast Solutions Guide and secure your place on the adventure of a lifetime.

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