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Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted and overcommitted? Are you feeling the pressure to stand out from the crowded talent pool, but don’t have the time to go back to school?

Current challenges facing modern learners have led to a shift in educational pedagogy from a traditional books and lecture model to one that supports multiple knowledge streams, including media collaboration, interest-based learning and project-based learning.

WHAT is a digital badge?

Digital badges are now a key component of resumes and talent acquisition, showing prospective employers a more detailed story about the projects and activities that a potential employee has undertaken. Completing intense and highly-focused quests and badges in specific professional areas gives a candidate an advantage in their job search.

Recent reports assert that badges have been used to successfully set goals, motivate behaviors, represent achievement, and easily signify an inclusion in specific professional communities.

Leadercast will strategically roll out other badge programs that support other essential leadership topics in the future.

WHAT is the Leadership Excellence digital badge program?

The Leadership Excellence program combines all of these educational elements along with a gamified-aspect to promote friendly competition and accountability, and to encourage participation. We have partnered with Kennesaw State University to create an online, self-paced leadership education program that will boost your resume with a digital badge you can display on your LinkedIn profile to attest to your proficiency in the subject material.

KSU Leadership Excellence Digital Badge

To learn more about
Digital Badging offerings from Leadercast partners, please speak to a Leadercast Solutions Guide.

Leadership Excellence Program 
Pricing Structure

This table reflects the current pricing model for the Leadership Excellence digital badge program. Please be aware that each purchased license is for a single "named user" and is NOT transferrable. Additionally, each purchased license provides access to the digital badge materials for that individual for 1 year. The digital badge earned upon completing the program will be available for display on your LinkedIn profiles.

Click the Enroll button to purchase 1 or more licenses for the Leadership Excellence digital badge program. If you wish to pay for the program by invoice instead of by credit card, please Contact Us for more information.

NOTE: Purchasing licenses above will obtain seats in the Open cohort of the Leadership Excellence program, which includes members working through the program from a variety of organizations. If you wish a closed cohort for your organization, please Contact Us to set up a solution that works for you.

When purchasing, ensure your contact information is current, as you will be contacted via email with login details for the program.

Cost Per Person/year

For example: $845 per person X 10 employees = $8450

Customization options are available for higher volume badge license purchases. Speak to a Leadercast Solutions Guide for more information.

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