Leadercast’s Molly Fletcher on Finding Fulfillment

Author and speaker Molly Fletcher made a career out of helping others find fulfillment in the work they do. In the two decades she served as one of the world’s only female sports agents, representing the interests of America’s most skilled athletes, Molly learned a thing or two about the pursuit of career happiness, satisfaction and achievement.

Considering the record-breaking millions of Americans who have quit their jobs in the last year as the Great Resignation roars on, many of us are thinking about this pursuit in great detail. The pandemic served as a painful reminder to many people that life is too short to spend it doing work that doesn’t bring joy. Burned out employees are seeking new opportunities in work cultures that better fit their needs. Others are returning to school to do something else entirely or finally pursuing passions that were once left on the backburner.

People need fulfillment—i.e. the feeling of happiness and satisfaction—both in their personal and professional lives. As leaders, it is critical for us to foster a culture through which people can dream, achieve and get the most out of their careers. We also need fulfillment for ourselves, too—if we aren’t happy in our current jobs, what needs to change? Leaders tend to place a lot of emphasis on success, but even the most successful people in the world can end up unhappy. “Success is not a means to fulfillment,” shares Molly in a blog post

Fulfillment is a basic human desire, which makes it a fundamental part of leadership as well. That’s why at Leadercast 2022—The One Thing, taking place May 4 at Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, Molly will discuss the topic of fulfillment as the one thing you need in your leadership, both for your sake and for others, to be a leader others want to follow. She will share the stage with nine fellow leaders all gathering to answer: “What is the one thing that makes a leader worth following?” 

As a speaker and best-selling author of five books (including her most recent, “The Energy Clock”), Molly guides leaders from all walks of life in claiming their purpose, living fearlessly and staying curious to find fulfillment in their work. Hailed by CNN as the “female Jerry Maguire,” Molly recruited and represented hundreds of prominent athletes including Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz and PGA TOUR golfer Matt Kuchar.

Join Molly as she returns to the Leadercast stage at Leadercast 2022—The One Thing to discover what it takes to lead yourself and others to a career and life of fulfillment. Do you feel fulfilled in the work you do? Are you fostering an environment where your team feels the same way? Attend live on May 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio, or virtually at select locations around the globe to find out.



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