Leadercast’s LeVar Burton to Discuss the Power of Storytelling in Leadership

Actor and television host LeVar Burton grew up in a house where reading was like breathing. His mom was an English teacher and in her home “you either read a book or you got hit in the head with one,” as LeVar likes to joke. Naturally, stories have been ingrained in LeVar since an early age and it’s no wonder he grew up to pursue a purpose centered around storytelling

Stories are one of the greatest tools in leadership. Leaders rely on storytelling to communicate their vision and inspire others to join them in pursuit of their mission. Stories can be used to define our values and cultures. They are teaching tools utilized in coaching and mentoring. They can also be used to bridge the gap in regard to diversity and inclusion because they provide context and understanding into people’s actions and behaviors. People need stories to connect with their leaders and the mission they serve, and leaders need stories to better lead their people. 

At Leadercast 2022—The One Thing (taking place May 4 at Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio), LeVar will discuss storytelling as the one thing that makes a leader worth following. He shares the stage with nine fellow leaders, each discussing what they believe to be the one thing you need on your leadership journey. 

As LeVar will tell you, stories are not only critical to leadership, they are foundational to our humanity and civilization as a whole. “The stories that we tell each other and have told each other throughout the history of the development of civilization are integrally important, inextricably linked to how we continue to invent the world in which we live,” he shared during a keynote speech in 2012.

LeVar is not only passionate about being in the stories through his work as an actor (he played Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge in the iconic “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Kunta Kinte in the landmark television series “Roots”), but also through telling the stories. For 25 years, he served as host and executive producer of PBS’ “Reading Rainbow.” He is an educator and also co-founder of the award-winning Skybrary App, an interactive library of e-books and videos curated and designed to engage young minds. Thanks to his service in all of these areas, LeVar has encouraged and inspired generations of people to pursue and tell their own stories. 

What’s your story? Join LeVar at Leadercast 2022—The One Thing, where he will dive into the topic of storytelling and how it can transform your leadership and life. You don’t want to miss it. Attend live on May 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio, or virtually at select locations around the globe. 



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