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You are not alone in your leadership journey.

With Leadercast Now, bring proven wisdom and practical knowledge from more than 170 thought-leaders and industry experts who have experienced the same leadership challenges you face every day.

Used by full teams as well as individual professionals, Leadercast Now is the perfect advisor for modern-day leaders. Each bite-sized video contains key takeaways you can immediately apply to any tough decision, great opportunity, or uncharted territory that comes your way. Whatever your leadership question, the answer can be found here.

Take Control of Your Leadership Development

Let Andy Stanley help you embrace your purpose with three simple steps. Learn how to transform your entire organization from Kat Cole. Harness the power of fearlessness with Molly Fletcher. 

This collection of more than 800 insightful leadership videos is the easiest tool for everyone wanting to become the leader they’ve always wanted to be (a leader worth following). Tap into the wisdom of hundreds of leading, world-renowned experts on more than 36 topics you can watch whenever you need. 

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"In my view, a healthy team embraces five things: They embrace authenticity, they embrace collaboration, they embrace conflict, they embrace differences and they embrace encouragement. I think that a healthy team really will be intentional about pushing each person on the team to be the best person that they can be, and really encouraging people to take risks because I think that a lot of times we don't play big enough as individuals, let alone as a collective on the team, because we're too afraid of making a mistake or we're too afraid of what the reaction might be to making a mistake."

Carla Harris — Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley

“In the dark, we need to ask ourselves if we’ve tried every option and pursued every opportunity we’ve been given. This is when we find strength we didn’t know existed.”

Laura Ling, Award-winning journalist and TV host

“A leader is a leader because they’re willing to be vulnerable first”

Patrick Lencioni

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