Studio Session 1: Creating Attractive Work Cultures

Date: January 31, 2022

Time: 2:00 pm

We’ve heard about it, read about and are experiencing it in our organizations right now.  Employees are harder to find and harder to retain. So what is going on in today’s workplace and what can leaders do about it?

Join us for this upcoming Studio Sessions event – Creating Attractive Work Cultures.


Presented in a conversational and intimate style, this 90-minute Leadercast Studio Sessions event features 8 prominent leaders, authors and researchers sharing insights, advice and steps leaders can take to understand, respond and lead their teams through this complex and confusing time. 

Attend and learn:

  1. Understand the TRUE underlying dynamics and forces at play that have created and influenced the GREAT RESIGNATION
  2. Capture research-driven insights into what leaders MUST understand in order to create ATTRACTIVE work cultures
  3. How YOU as a LEADER can respond and successfully create environments that can retain your top talent
  4. What STEPS  you can take NOW to counter these very REAL trends and to successfully create a culture employees want to be a part of.


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