Team Building

In organizations all around the world, team building has become of huge importance. It has been proven time and time again that companies with a team atmosphere perform at a higher level than companies where every employee has a “me first” mentality. For this reason, collaborative workspaces are popping up in more and more offices because companies are recognizing the value of teamwork and are looking for creative ways to build that culture. One key component in any type of team, whether it’s inside of an organization or on a sports team, is trust. A team simply cannot function well if there is no trust. As a leader, building relationships with your team members is a sure way of getting your team to fully trust you and your judgment. By showing that you genuinely care for them and their well-being, they will trust you to make decisions on their behalf. A leader who fails to acknowledge their followers, will not have that trust, which usually results in an insecure team and an unstable culture. Another key component to building a solid team is transparency within the organization. By being transparent with your team, you allow them to let their guard down and prevent negative thoughts from coming into their mind out of fear of the unknown. When leaders start acting secretive about the things going on inside the organization, especially in times of change, this is when you begin hearing gossip and rumors going around the office because everyone is trying to figure it out for themselves. Gossip and rumors, although they aren’t always the truth, will inevitably break a team if they aren’t addressed. The best way to avoid this altogether is just to be transparent and open. There is also a fun side of team building. Many companies are getting a little more creative with their team building exercises and are taking team retreats, trying out activities such as paintball, forming small groups where team members can get to know each other, and more. Sometimes the answer to a solid team building session is just to step outside of the company walls and do something new together. Learn more about team building in our Leadercast Now videos!