Organizational Culture

Over the last decade, the standards for organizational culture have changed tremendously. Companies are now recognizing the importance of the atmosphere within the walls of the organization and the effect it can have on its employees. Many are surprised to learn that even with a perfect strategy, without the right organizational culture it is likely that your organization will not reach its goals. As the leader, you set the tone for the culture within your business or organization. By actively engaging your employees and caring for them, you open up a culture of trust. Through allowing your employees the space they need to think and encouraging idea generation, you open up a culture of creativity. So you see, you yourself must exude the culture and characteristics that you want to be prominent in your organization. If you lead, they will follow. A prime example of this comes from one of our speakers, Rorke Denver, who states that your tribe will mimic your behavior. The people around you will adopt your attitude and likely maximize it. In his example he speaks about the fact that “Calm is Contagious.” Calm isn’t the only attitude that is contagious; a bad attitude is also contagious and can lead to a toxic organizational culture. The culture of your organization doesn’t just stay within your business, but when you have a positive culture; you’re able to influence other people and organizations outside of your own. In order to sustain that healthy organizational culture, you must first get the right people in the right positions at the right time. Having the right people is good, but having the right people in the right place is crucial if you want to be great. As the leader of the organization you must architect the right conditions to win. With the right culture and the right people, you can move closer to your goal.