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6 Music Industry Leaders to Be Inspired By

Music has a powerful way of bringing people together. There are countless movies centered around just that—think The Sound of Music, Footloose or, more recently, Coco. But one of ...

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3 Leadership Lessons From My Dad

So much of who we are is shaped by our parents: how we behave, what interests us, how we treat others, the way we carry ourselves in the world, etc. Because kids see their parents...

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Podcast: Chris Barez-Brown on Why Leaders Need to Get Off Autopilot

How busy are you? Do you wear your busyness like a badge of honor, constantly filling up the tiniest bit of room in your schedule?

Chris Barez-Brown, author...

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How Dare I Be a Millennial

“How dare I be a millennial.”

That’s the thought that bitterly went through my head the first time I learned about the stereotypes that come with my age group (those born ...

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Podcast: Laura Vanderkam on How to Feel Like You Have More Time in Your Day

Everybody has the same amount of time available to them every single day. No matter who you are or where you live, everyone gets 24 hours to do their work, be with their fam...

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