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Meet Leadercast Women’s Jenn Lim

We’re all on a pursuit of happiness, and sometimes we need leaders to step in to give us a push in the right direction on where to find it.

Jenn Lim, CEO and chief happine...

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Meet Leadercast Women’s Molly Fletcher

If anyone knows how to be fearless, it’s Molly Fletcher. Hailed as “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly was one of the world’s first—and for many years, the only—female sports...

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Meet Leadercast Women’s Ginger Hardage

Ask Ginger Hardage, former senior vice president of culture and communications at Southwest Airlines, what the single most important element to an organization’s brand is, and she...

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Meet Leadercast Women’s Mama Jan Smith

Life often requires a journey to find your purpose. Vocal coach and producer Mama Jan Smith discovered hers when she put her own music path aside to help others shine.


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Meet Leadercast Women’s Shabnam Mogharabi

Finding joy in life is easier said than done, but Shabnam Mogharabi is out to change that. In her role as CEO and executive producer of SoulPancake, a media and production company...

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