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Robbi Crawford

Robbi Crawford, Professional Mentor, Sociologist, Speaker and Author, is a former college professor and fierce advocate of today's college student. She's the founder of BrijBrand, an inward-bound hub of services and products designed to help college undergrads navigate the wacky world of school and build a solid bridge to their just right work and desired lifestyle.

Robbi has spent more than two decades observing work-life structures in a variety of settings both domestically and abroad. She has not only served in academia, she has held several positions in both the corporate and non-profit sectors and she ran her own businesses.

Robbi has completed two degrees, a life coach certification and a number of other certifications related to human and spiritual development. She also serves as a coach for the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides at-risk teens and young adults programs proven to improve their educational success and ongoing advocacy.

Robbi is also the author of I'm Going In: An Introspection Journal, a curation of powerful, introspective writing styles, original nuggets of wisdom, and a unique format of writing pages. For more details, visit

For more info about BrijBrand, Robbi and the work that tickles her soul, visit and check out her student blog at